Vice Dean of Quality and Teaching Innovation

Vice Dean of Quality and Teaching Innovation

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PIIISA Project

“Introduction to Research - Innovation for Secondary School students in Andalusia”

This is an educational project designed for middle school and high school students learn differently and have fun doing scientific research in cutting-edge projects, tutored by nationally and internationally renowned specialists. This educational project provides students with the opportunity to challenge themselves, to effectively apply their knowledge, and understand the necessity of hard work and personal discipline in scientific fields.

This program applies four basic tools to science: the curiosity to discover, knowledge of scientific concepts, knowledge of English as the language of science and knowledge of the use of Communication and Information Technology (ICTs). The scientific method is applied to its full potential. The student has the opportunity to apply knowledge learned in high school and work for a few days with scientists in different fields of research who teach the ideas, techniques and procedures necessary to become a true scientist. Ultimately the students must submit the results of their research in an English article which may be published in a scientific journal, if the tutor /specialist deems it appropriate.

The students work with the highest-level specialists in the different branches of knowledge. This project aims to do science taking advantage of the creativity, originality and talent of youth, and the knowledge and professionalism of scientists. This project encourages students to enjoy the journey of learning and ideas, where final results are not the most important aspect of the work. Hard work, enthusiasm, joy and personal experiences are some of the new values that scientists must have to ensure that scientific research continues to develop in our area in the near future.

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