The Faculty's Commitment Program

The Faculty's Commitment Program

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The Faculty's Commitment Program

There is asystem for filing complaints and claims, which specifies the various places to which each user can be directed in this center, including processing dates and responses to complaints filed. The complaints and suggestions form is accessible through:

Complaint and Suggestion Form Complaint and Suggestion Form

Common Objectives


Student mobility to and from the Center. Number of foreign students enrolled.

Websites with full teaching program content. Specifically: Complete Course Guide

Student academic performance by degree, andglobally

Remaining commitment: balanced programming costs

Public contract bids; contracts update. Savings measures with providers

Objective: Student Mobility to and from the Faculty. Number of foreign students enrolled

Student mobility/Exchange between different university centres (different universities) promotes:

  • Cultural knowledge.
  • Cultural dissemination.
  • Multicultural and Integration Values.
  • Competition and Competitiveness between schools.
  • Theestablishment of social networks and international knowledge
  • The construction of aEuropean Humanist Spirit.
  • Economic development of Exchange destinations.

Objective CC01.1: Measures Implemented during the course.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences at the University of Granada is especially active in organizing such cultural exchanges. Various measures exist to encourage the mobility of both inbound and outbound students, including:

a) Measures to assist outbound students: • Widespread dissemination of information related to exchanges (monitors, meetings, documents). • Streamlined procedures. • The creation of a stable database about professors, tutors and collaborators • Support from the Faculty Office of International Relations

b) Measures to assist inbound students: • Reception days for foreign students. • Issue-specific documentation for students regarding the Faculty, the general university and city atmosphere. • Constant support from the International Relations Office. • Promotion of tutorial labour by the coordinators

Objective CC01.2: Ratios of Outbound Students: • This data is calculated by ODAP and is supplied to CEIC.

Objective CC01.3: Ratios of foreign students: • This data is calculated by ODAP and is supplied to CEIC.

Objective: Websites with complete teaching content. Specifically: Complete Course Guide

The Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences, aware of the advantages of distributing teaching schedules of courses taught on site, has published all the course guides of subjects taught in our Centre on the following link:

Educational guides to both the old plans as well as new degrees can be accessed through intuitive navigation on this link.

The new course plans for the new degree programs can be found on the following web sites, accessible through these links:

Objective: Student academic performance: By degree and Globally

The Faculty Economics and Business Science is deeply concerned about the academic performance of their students. To that end, the Faculty has undertaken a number of measures, first to define and measure academic performance; and secondly, to improve it.

CC03.1: The measures implemented include the following, among others: a) To control and monitor performance ratios: -Faculty dissemination of current graduation and dropout rates, efficiency, success, abandonment and average duration of the studies according to the definitions of the Vice-Presidents of Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching, Management and Quality Assurance at the University of Granada. -Presentation and discussion of these ratios in different governing bodies of the Faculty (team meetings, the Standing Committee on Faculty Governance...) -Creation a commission to monitor academic performance. -The emission of monitoring reports. b) To improve academic performance: -Support and promotion of tutorial action plans. -Support and encouragement of peer tutoring plan. -Expansion and improvement of library services. -Expansion and improvement of study hall services study. -Increasing the number of computer stations available. -Dissemination of information to improveteacher awareness. CC03.2: Average academic performance: • This data is calculated by ODAP and is supplied to CEIC. CC03.3: Minimum Academic performance • This data is calculated by ODAP and is supplied to CEIC.

Elective Objectives

Gender equality in appointments to representative bodies

Faculty Advertising in E.S.O. (Obligatory Secondary Education)

Insertion results in the center. Collaborative Agreements with Companies

Visiting lecturers at the Centre, systematic data collection and communication

Formally established Conventions/Agreement with other Andalusian Universities

Career counseling and tutorial actions to help students improve their skills and provide necessary knowledge to find employment in their field of specialization, including doctoral students

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