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List of Services at Academic Centers



Academic Centers The mission of the Academic Centers at the University of Granada (Janitors and Secretaries) is to support the teaching organization, research and university learning in general and to help manage academic, administrative and service processes in order to assist students obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees


  • Secretary schedule: de 9 a 14 horas.
  • Janitor schedule: de 8 a 22 horas
  • Center opening times: de 8 a 22 horas (except during vacation periods)


Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales. Campus de Cartuja, s/n, 18071 Granada

Telephone: +34 958 243730 Fax: +34 958 243729

Institutional Email:


Services Provided

  • User information and personalized attention is provided in person, by telephone and through the web page, email, bulletin boards and other communications.
  • Space and Resource management (organization and distribution of spaces, support resources for professors, control and supervised maintenance, information regarding office, classroom and service locations in the faculty, custodial services and opening and closing different parts of the faculty)
  • Academic administrative services: Proceedings. Certifications. Registration. Mobility. Titles. Degree Homologation. Equivalence studies. Economic affairs. Auxiliary records from the General Registry of the University of Granada in all centers. Customer service. Management of space and resources.

Your Rights

Academic Center users Academic Centers at UGR have the right to:

  • Be treated with due respect and consideration
  • Receive general and specific information of interest in proceedings affecting them, which are processed in this center in person, by telephone and/or computer
  • Receive direct and personal attention
  • Have access to administrative information efficiently and quickly
  • Receive real administrative information, in an accurate, accessible and confidential manner
  • Get a positive orientation
  • Know the identity of the authorities and civil service staff handling procedures in which on is affected.
  • All specific rights for students (art. 51 LAU)


  • Users of the academic centers Academic Centers at the University of Granada (Janitors and Departments) have the right to make suggestions and complaints about the operation of the services provided.
  • The suggestions and complaints system is a tool that facilitates the participation of all persons in their relations with the academic centers at the University of Granada (Janitors and Secretaries) when registering a complaint about neglect , delay or any other service abnormality, or making appropriate suggestions to improve the effectiveness of services. Academic Centers
  • Processing. Once a complaint or suggestion is received and accepted, the head of the academic centers at the University of Granada (Janitors and Secretariats) collects the necessary information to be able to resolve it. A timely, personalized report will be forwarded to the person concerned based on the schedule at the academic centers of the University of Granada (Janitors and secretaries) When a suggestion or complaint is received and accepted by the University Ombudsman, it shall be entered in the register and assigned a file number and the interested party will be advised. After hearing from the parties, the University Ombudsman shall inform the person concerned of the resolution within the limits of the law. In the case of a complaint about the operation of the service, the Chief Inspector will verify its accuracy, and inform the Rector. Then it will be referred to the competent body that will take appropriate action and report the resolution to both to the person concerned and to the Inspection Service Academic Centers

Unabridged Text

The present text List of Services at Academic de los Academic Centers of the List of Services at Academic Centers at the UGR is a reduced version of the original text. The full version can be found in the Official Gazette of the Government of Andalusia (BOJA No. 10 of January 17, 2012)


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