FAQs Incoming Students (EN)

Where can I find sport activities at UGR?
Where can I find language courses at UGR?
Where can I get information about language courses, sports, public transport, how to print and where to have lunch?

Within the same page of the Faculty, in the mobility menu, select "Incoming Students".

Where can I get information about timetables and exams?

To see the schedules of the subjects and exams, they must enter Guía por titulaciones, within Docencia, find each one of the degrees and double degrees that are taught, in addition to the corresponding information about them. Including the subject and exam schedules

Where can I check course codes?

Within the same page of the Faculty, in the mobility menu, select "Incoming Students", finally slide the mouse until you find "Course Codes"

Where can I check my group of each course?

Click on the following document to find out what your reserved group is in each subject:


How can I know who is my tutor at this Faculty?

Click on the following document to find out who is your tutor in this Faculty:


Can I change my groups or courses?

Yes, it is possible, provided there are free places. You can change them on the day of your registration appointment. In case you change the subject, you must first make sure that your university allows you to take these new courses

Where do lecturers upload day-to-day information about courses?

All the information related to the day-to-day life of the subjects can be found in the Teaching Support Resources Platform (PRADO). You will need an email address from the UGR and the password of that email to access PRADO:

Through "Acceso Identificado" you can find information related to your academic record, change your email password and information about sports activities, among many other things:

Where can I get my student card?

The student card is requested at the Office of the SANTANDER BANK of the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences, once the registration has been completed.

Required Documentation:

  • Passport or ID.
  • Registration receipt.
Where can I get more information about the student card?
What mandatory bureaucratic procedures must I do in Spain?